12 Keys to Creating Wealth Inside and Out

Belinda Rosenblum & Cia Ricco

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Self-Worth to Net Worth book

Is Your Financial Self-Esteem Limiting Your Net Worth?

This is the gentle kick-in-the-pants you have been looking for, with the step-by-step plan that makes it easy to know what to do to turn your net worth—and self-worth—around once and for all.

Combining personal growth and sound financial strategies, this book will help you develop the skills, mindset, and discipline for effective money management. With 12 key strategies for building your financial foundation — and tools to help you shift your deep-rooted limiting beliefs around what you deserve — you will feel confident, free, and in control of your bank account… and your life.

Find the secrets to:

  • Proactively choose and create the life you want
  • Break free of your old relationship with money—and craft a new one that serves you
  • Recognize and release the childhood influences that block your capacity for joy
  • Resolve and shift your hidden scarcity mindset blocks to a new rich abundant thinking
  • Take small decisive actions that profoundly shift your peace of mind—and your wealth

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As you handle your inner issues of worth, your bank account will start to reflect your status and success too.

Belinda Rosenblum  Self-Worth to Net Worth book

Belinda Rosenblum, Wealth Expert, and Cia Ricco, Body-Centered Psychotherapist, have joined forces to give you the insights, tips, and interactive tools to create wealth in all areas of your life.

Together, they will take you through a process of discovering a new understanding of your priorities… and guide you as you take inspired actions to take control of your financial future.

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What Self-Worth to Net Worth readers have to say…

Robyn Brooks shares it’s the best money book she’s ever read!

Rose is loving the insights to achieve her best self!

“Just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying your book. Great insights into how to take those next steps forward and upward to achieving my best self. Thank you both for taking the time to explain in depth how to apply each key to our life. I “get” so much from each chapter! It’s so helpful and applicable to any goal one has!”

Rose Erlichman

Linda K. is so grateful to have a personal finance book that really understands!

“A unique book delivering sound financial advice in a sensitive and supportive voice which recognizes how our beliefs drive our actions. Finally Belinda and Cia have recognized that deep connection and address it in a gentle and encouraging way. So grateful to have found a personal finance book that helps us understand our behaviors, rather than just berate us for them.”

Linda Katz, via Facebook fan page

Linda D. can’t recommend this book enough!

“I’m about halfway through Belinda’s book and I love it! It’s so full of information on how to simplify managing your money, but more importantly, how to develop a mindset that allows you to welcome money into your life and see it as something that comes when you are living a fulfilled life. I can’t recommend this book enough for everyone!”

Linda DiBella, via Facebook fan page

Michelle Randazzo can’t put the book down!

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Rave reviews

"Achieving real wealth is an inside job first. This must-read book is the step-by-step plan to show you how to embrace your own worthiness and get on the fast-track to realizing your financial goals."

Dr. Joe Vitale
Author, Attract Money Now

“This warm, wonderful book shows you how to build your self-esteem, self-image and self-confidence to the point where you can accomplish any goal you set for yourself.”

Brian Tracy
Author, Earn What You’re Worth

"If you’re ready to take a deep dive into your financial reality, this book is for you! The authors hand hold you through your process to permanent financial success."

Julie Murphy Casserly
Author, The Emotion Behind Money: Building Wealth from the Inside Out

“While psychological and financial skills and strategies are an integral part of this book—it is, as its title suggests, about the movement to net worth through self-worth—its most powerful contribution lies in its dogged focus on the cultivation of true wealth, those non-financial assets that invigorate and vitalize.”

April Lane Benson, Ph.D.
Author, To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop

“Cia and Belinda have melded their talents and invested their energy wisely and well, returning to us this savvy program that will help not only to heal yourself but to finance your new wishes. Read it and get energized and educated, and you’re on your way!”

Samuel Shem, M.D.
Author, The House of God, The Spirit of the Place, and Bill W. and Dr. Bob

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